HTTP Single Sign-On API

This API lets you integrate the Verba app into your user portals/intranets/extranets.

SSO enables that users who are already authenticated by your infrastructure can access the Verba web interface without further authentication.

The SSO method described in this topic is different from the Windows Domain SSO functionality supported by the Verba system. This type of SSO feature provides SSO functionality for environments where Windows Domain SSO is not available or cannot be used. For more information, see Single sign on settings.

Security systems of the Verba customer are able to send authentication credentials of these already authenticated users through HTTP or HTTPS protocol to the Verba Media Repository and receive a security token that will identify the authenticated user for a session in the Verba web interface.

There are two HTTP/HTTPS requests that support this functionality:

  1. SSO Registration used by intranet security systems to request access on behalf of the users
  2. SSO Login provided to users by the intranet security systems as a login URL to Verba

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