Correcting user-extension assignments

Recorded conversations on an extension are associated to users only after the time when the extensions is already associated with the user.

When the conversation starts, Verba determines the associated user to a call record, based on the current phone number assignments. If the phone numbers were not assigned to the user before the start of the recording, the conversations will not be associated with any user. However, if you have already started recording on an extension without associated user, you can still link the call records to a user retroactively.

In order to associate previously recorded conversations to a given user, in cases when the numbers had not been associated to the user at the time of the call, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Select the Administration / Users menu item and select the desired user. The user configuration page will be loaded.

Step 2 - Set the Valid From value to that date, which equals to or is earlier than the start date of the recorded calls. Press the Save button.

Step 3 - Go to the Administration / Extensions page and map the forgotten phone number to the given user and check the Update user information on existing calls checkbox. After pressing the Save button on the Extension Configuration page, the system automatically associates the previously recorded calls to the current user. The automatic association will only effect those calls,

      • of which caller party phone number or called party phone number equals to the currently added phone number
      • the start date of the call is equal to or later then the starting validation date of the given user
      • the call has not been already associated to a user