Administration of recorded extensions for Cisco network-based recording

The Cisco network-based recording allows you to record the Cisco phones using the integrated recording technology available since CUCM 6.0. In order to set up extensions/directory numbers, the Cisco Unified Communications Manager has to be configured properly and extensions have to be added optionally in the Verba system.

This topic only focuses on phone administration, there are other mandatory tasks for the complete configuration of the CUCM and the Verba server. For further information, see Configuring Verba for Cisco network-based recording.

The table below summarizes the necessary steps to add a recorded extension using Cisco network-based recording:

1Configure recorded extension in CUCMSet up a new recorded extension in CUCM. For a more detailed description, see Adding a new extension for recording in Cisco UCM
2Update associated devices for the JTAPI application userThe JTAPI application user, utilized by the Verba system to provide additional metadata for the calls, has to be associated with each recorded device. Update the association configuration, see Creating an application user for the JTAPI connection
3Configure recorded extension in Verba Recording SystemYou only have to take this step if you want to assign the newly configured extension to a Verba user for search and replay or on-demand recording. For more information, see Creating an extension.
4Make test callTest the configuration, by making a call from the phone and play it back in the Verba web interface.