Visibility of functions and conversations

Based on the configured user roles, groups and extensions the system calculates what functions and conversations a user can see in the system when they login to the web interface.

Functions available for a user

Each user will see a different set of functions on the web interface based on their user roles configuration.

These rights include Playback, Download, Delete rights and more.

Conversations visible for a user

The system calculates a restricted set of conversations on every search based on User, Group and Extension configurations.

These are the factors that define call visibility of a user:

Visibility factorDescription
User validity periodOnly calls within the Users Valid From and Valid To time period
will be visible for the User
User visibility windowThe visibility of a user can be restricted to calls only in the last X hours
using the "Unable to access calls older than" field on the User Configuration page
Extension assignmentsThe user will see calls for a phone Extension during the time period
set under the Extension assigned to the User. Users can have multiple extensions.
Group supervisor rightsThe user will see all calls of Group members of every group
where the user is promoted to Group Supervisor.
The historical scope of the calls can be configured with the Group Supervisor Access Scope permissions.
Group membership historyA Group Supervisor will see only calls recorded for the duration the supervisor rights are set for a supervisor. Moreover only those
member calls will be seen, that came in during the membership period of the user.
These periods can be manually modified on the Group Membership History page.
Access All rightsUsers whose User Permission Scope is Access All can see all conversations in the system
Access extension with LabelsLabels can be configured in a way that they extend the visibility of calls to other users
Access extension with CasesCases can be configured in a way that they extend the visibility of calls to other users
Approval workflowsUsers can request and be granted access to conversations through Approval Workflows

The system keeps an audit log of every action of every user for security purposes. This audit log is available to users with System Administrator rights.