Audit log for user related events

This audit log contains all events related to user actions including login, logout, playback, configuration change, etc. The log is stored in the SQL database. The log cannot be altered or deleted through the user interface.

The administrator and the system administrators can access the event log by clicking on the System / Audit Log menu item. An event log search page appears, where the user can define event log searching criteria.

You can define as many search criteria as you want. The search fields are connected with logical AND connections. Therefore only those calls that meet all of the search criteria will be listed.

Step 1 Select the desired field into the input box on the left side of the field control.

Step 2 Press the >> button to add the criteria to the search query.

Step 3 Repeat the steps between 2 and 3 to add more criteria.

(Optional) You can remove a previously added criteria by selecting the desired criteria on the right pane of the field control and pressing the << button.

The following table describes search fields:



Query Interval

The date and time of the event.

Selecting a date and time value is easy with this tool:

Date selection:

  • Use the <<, >> buttons to select the year
  • Use the <, > buttons to select the month
  • Click and hold the mouse button on any of the above buttons for faster selection

Time selection:

  • Click on any of the time parts to increase the value
  • or Shift-click to decrease the value
  • or click and drag for faster selection


The list contains all available events, which had happened.


The list contains all configured users in the Verba database.