Adding a user to an Environment

Creating a new user account in Verba multi-tenant environment has two possibilities:

  • Create a user in the default environment to the relevant environment
  • Login to the desired extension with a user with full user rights and create the user account 'inside' the environment

The first option is a global solution of adding users to Verba multi-tenant system.

To create the user in default environment, login the default, '0000', environment with the administrator user.

Under 'Administration/Users' you can find on the top right corner a drop down menu, the 'Current Environment' menu. Here you can select the relevant environment and click the 'Add New User' link above.

The user form is the same as the standard Verba system's user form.

Here you can find out details regarding the form: User Configuration


The second option is that you can create the user in the environment's administration page.

Login to the relevant environment with a user account and follow the instructions set out in the User Configuration article.