Reporting Guide


This guide explains how to create and manage various reports and report types.

The Verba Recording System includes a powerful reporting solution enabling business decision makers, supervisor and IT department members to gain insight into the various metrics of the contact center operation.

The easy-to-use and flexible reporting module allows to create visually compelling, standard format reports right at your fingerprints. The 100% web-based user interface is accessible directly from the Verba Recording System framework at any and from any location without the need of installing client applications. Reports can be generated in an ad-hoc or scheduled way to increase productivity and reduce waiting time.

Authentication to the Verba Reporting Server is provided through the core framework. After logging into the Verba Recording System application, users with proper authorization can access the reporting module.

The Verba Reporting Server is based on the most widely used open source business intelligence solution from JasperSoft. The JasperSoft BI software is constantly updated by a community of more than 130,000 registered members, which represents the world's largest business intelligence community. The open and standard-based platform provides investment protection and ability to create new report templates without any restriction using the available free tools.

Report formats

Reports can be generated in the following formats:

  • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Encrypted PDF
  • Microsoft Excel (XLS)
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 (XLSX)
  • Microsoft Word 2007 (DOCX)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (PPTX)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • OpenDocument Text (ODT)
  • OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ODS)
  • Text (TXT)
  • Comma Separated Values (CSV)

Report categories

Available reports are organized into report categories:

In order to access the Verba Reporting Tool click on the Reporting menu item from Verba Web Application. The tool is only available for those users, which have the optional reporting right. For further information on user management check User Administration on see.

Table of contents

Report types

System reports

Conversation activity reports

Quality management reports