Verba server administration

If a Verba system is installed at different locations in a multi-site environment and may need to use multiple recording servers to scale up, there are more than one Verba Recording Servers. Verba stores server information (the hostname of the Recording Server, which has recorded the call) in every call record and provides searching capabilities based on this field.

Moreover, the system provides central configuration capabilities through Verba server administration.

In order to define Verba servers, the administrator or the system administrators have to select Administration / Verba Servers menu item.

Creating a Verba Server

You can add servers by clicking on the Add New Verba Server link on the Administration / Verba Servers page. The system automatically registers the servers after installation. After pushing the button the following page opens.

The following table describes the available fields:

Field Name




FQDN of the server

Required field.

Minimum length: 1

Maximum length: 255

Must be unique in the system.


Select the desired role for this server


Configuration Profile

Select the desired configuration profile to use for this server. All settings configured in the configuration profile will be available for the server. In this way the configuration can be easily centralized and multiple servers with the same configuration (or with almost the same configuration) can be easily and quickly configured through the configuration profile.-


Customizable description field.

Maximum length: 256

After filling out the form, press the Save button to save server data into the database.

Modifying and deleting Verba servers

To edit a Verba Server entry, you have to click on the desired row of the list showing previously defined servers. After clicking on the row, a new page opens automatically.

To make changes effective, push the Save button. All conditions, which are described in the previous part, have to be met.

You can delete a server by clicking the Delete button. Only those servers which have not recorded any calls can be deleted.

Discover Verba servers

The system can help to determine servers, which have not been added to the system database, but there is at least one call that was recorded on those servers. On the Find and List Verba Servers page, choose Discover Verba Servers link. The system automatically lists servers, which are have not been added yet. The system automatically registers the servers after installation.