Installing a Windows Certificate for the Verba Offline Player


To open encrypted media files, the certificate with which it was previously encrypted needs to be installed on the client PC.

The certificate must contain the private key.

Installing the certificate

Step 1 - Right-click on the certificate which contains the private key and was used to encrypt the media files and select Install PFX.

Step 2 - Select Current User to install the Certificate for only the current user or Local Machine to install the Certificate globally for every user on the computer.

Step 3 - By default, the location is filled in for the current file. A different file can be selected by clicking on the Browse... button.

Step 4 - Type in the password for the private key. When the certificate is exported with the private key the wizard asks for a password to protect the Certificate. Enter that password here.

Step 5 - Select the Place all certificates in the following store option, then select Personal.

Step 6 - The summary page should look similar to this:

Step 7 - After clicking on the Finish button, a popup informs the user that the import was successful.