Reusing search criteria - saved queries

Every user can save a search query after it was executed, and rerun it at a later time. This feature is only available for conversation lists which were generated through the search page because saving of for example built-in conversation lists is fairly unnecessary.

Save a Query

To save a search query, follow these steps:

Step 1 Enter the search criteria on the search page and execute the search by pressing the Search button

Step 2 When the result is displayed, users can define a label for the query in the top-right corner of the Search panel. Specify the label and press the Save button. The name of the search query must be unique.

Step 3 Users will be notified of the success of the task and the query will be added under the Conversations / Saved Queries menu item.

Load a Query

A previously saved search query can be loaded by simply selecting it from the menu. The saved queries are located under the Conversations / Saved Queries menu item. Only those queries are listed that were saved by the user. The list of queries is generated when the user logs into the Web Application.

Delete a Query

Unnecessary queries can be deleted by following the steps below:

Step 1 Load the query to be deleted by clicking on the Load query button on the Search panel, and select it from the menu.

Step 2 In the top-right corner of the Search panel, press the Delete button to delete the query.

Make a query available to other users

Administrators can associate a saved query to a group through the Group Queries Configuration menu. For further information, see GroupsGroup query configuration.