Content Policies


In the Verba Ethical Wall solution, Communication Policies include Content Policy functionality.

You can add multiple Content Policies to a Communication Policy.

Content policy actions include

  • Block
  • Notify - message will be allowed, but a notification will be sent
  • Redact - allow the communication, but redact/edit the message to mask the matching information

An example list of Content Policies set on a Communication Policy:

In the case of content policies, you can also set the direction in which you want the policies to take effect between Participant A and B (unidirectional or bidirectional).

To see how to manage and configure your Content Policies, read the List Content Policies and Manage Content Policies articles.

Assigning a Content Policy to a Communication Policy

In order to assign a Content Policy to a Communication Policy:

Step 1 - Create a new Communication Policy

Step 2 - Configure the Participant A and Participant B groups

Step 3 - Click on the button with the + (plus) sign

Step 4 - Assign Content Policies to your Communication Policy

Step 5 - Press Save

You can mix Content Policies with Presence PoliciesDisclaimers and Session Policies on the same Communication Policy.