Notification Templates


The Verba Ethical wall solution can send notifications to the selected parties when a given communication channel is opened.
To see how you can define when notifications are sent, refer to the Session Policies article.

With Notification Templates, you can define what messages should be sent as notifications.
The see and manage Notification Templates, in the Verba web interface, navigate to Policies > Notification Templates.

The steps to define notification messages for a certain Communication Policy are as follows

Step 1 - In the Verba web interface navigate to Policies > Notification Templates

Step 2 - Click on Add New Template at the top right corner of the page

Step 3 - Define the initial parameters for the template as shown in the Add New Template section below

Step 4 - Define your policy as shown in the Define Your Template section below

Step 5 - Assign the Notification Template and the desired language to a Communication Policy as shown in Manage Communication Policies

Add New Template

To Add a New Notification Template, navigate to Policies > Notification Templates in the Verba web interface, then in the top right corner click on Add New Template.

  • Name - The name is for administration purposes only, choose any that you like.
  • Initialize template texts - To save time and effort, you can import templates that are already defined in your system. Using this, you only need to change the messages that are different.
  • Language - Choose the languages that you want to use in this template. Here, the ones that are already defined in the system are shown. In the Define your Template section, you can see how you can add new languages.

Click on Save, and then continue with the Define Your Template section.

Define Your Template

To Add a New Language that is not assigned to your template yet, click on the Add New Language button > Select the language > Click on Add

Under the Texts tab, the possible notification types are listed, such as SESSION_BLOCKED, which is sent when a session is blocked by the policy, or SESSION_WARNING for sessions that are not blocked but monitored.
You can define the text of these messages in every language that you assigned to the given template.