Bulk User and Extension Update

Available in version 8.7 and later

Bulk User and Extension Update is accessible from the menu under Users -> Bulk User and Extension UpdateThe Bulk User Update tool lets administrators change the parameters of a group of users without having to change each user one by one.

First, you can define the attributes based on which the system will compile a list of users (and those extensions that do not belong to a user) that match the criteria. Then it will update the user attributes and the attributes of the extensions, that belong to these users. (And extensions that do not belong to users if a certain checkbox is selected as shown below)

This page lists the previously executed Bulk User Updates.

Creating a bulk update profile

A new profile can be created by clicking on the Add New Bulk User Update Profile button at the top right corner of the page.

On this page, it can be defined which users' parameters should be updated.

  • Description - Give a description on what this update will cover
  • Update Extensions that do not belong to a User - By default only Extensions that match the defined criteria are selected that belong to users. By selecting this option, unassigned Extensions will also be updated.
  • Update Users' Every Extension - All of the defined users' extensions will be updated, even defining users based on a certain extension that they have. For example, a user has 3 extensions. The filter criterion is to select users where the extension starts with 123. In this case by default the fields are only updated for this one extension. By selecting the "Update Users' Every Extension" option, all 2 extensions of this user will be updated.
  • Filtering Criteria - Define which users' attributes should be updated
  • Update Fields - Define which fields of the selected users and extensions should be updated. The new value can be defined here as well.

Once you have set up the profile, click on Save to save the profile.

You can quickly check if the criteria that you have set up select the users that you intended by clicking on the List Affected Users/Extensions button.

Running a bulk update profile

The Save and Run button appears at the bottom, next to the Save button. Click on this to run the update.

You can use the Log tab at the top left corner to verify the results.

This update profile will appear in the previous list, you can change and run this update again in the future.