Storage Management Service: PolicyError

Policy Error Alert


Computer name: <COMPUTER_NAME>
Alert id: <ID>
Time: <TIME> (UTC)
Severity: <SEVERITY>

Policy processing Error: #Description#
Affected policy: <POLICY_NAME>
Affected target: <TARGET_NAME>
Affected call: <CALL_CDR_ID>

Alert attributes:



This alert is sent out when there is a recording on the Recording Server, but there is no corresponding recording in the database. In this case, the Verba Storage Management service cannot upload the file to any storage targets. This usually happens when the recording was successful, but the recorder service couldn't insert the record into the database. In cases like this, the recorder service keeps trying until it succeeds. The Verba Storage Management service does the same, it keeps trying until it finds a corresponding record in the database.


Since the services keep trying, first the media file should be checked on the Recording Server. Go to the server specified in the "Computer name" field of the alert, and search for the call ID specified in the "Affected call" field of the alert in the local media folder. The local media folder specified in the server configuration (Administration->Verba Servers) under the Directories \ Media Folder setting. If the call cannot be found, then the recorder service managed to insert the record and the Verba Storage Management service succeeded to upload the file to a storage target.

If the file is still there then please contact the support service and send the recorder log (engine.log in case of SfB/Lync, unifiedrec.log in case of Cisco/SIPREC, nativerecorder.log in case of legacy Cisco) files from the "APPLICATION_FOLDER\log" (by default C:\Program Files\Verba\log) folder, so we can find out why the database record is missing.