Skill details

Skills in the Verba Performance and Quality Management system provide a logical layer in the evaluation process. By assigning a skill to a question in the evaluation form, supervisors and contact center managers are able to measure the performance of a given skill set in the contact center organization. Dashboard widgets and report templates are available to visualize and get an insight into the skill performance trends.

Skill administration is available only for the quality management administrators by selecting the Quality Management/ Skills submenu.

Creating a skill

You can create a new skill by clicking on the Add New Skill link on the Quality Management/ Skills page. After selecting the link, the following page is opened.


The following table describes the available fields:

Field Name



Skill Name

Name of the skill.

Required field.

Minimum length: 3

Maximum length: 64

Must be unique in the system.


Optional description of the skill.Maximum length: 256

Skill Color

Hexadecimal color code for the skill used in the evaluation forms for better visualization of each skills. By clicking on the input field, a color picker is displayed to easily select the desired color.

Required field.

Starting character must be # and it has to be followed by 6 characters.

Valid From

Start date of the validation for the skill.

The validation interval of the skill defines the date range, when the skill can be selected for a question in a new evaluation form.

Required field.

Valid To

End date of the validation for the skill.

You can deactivate the skill with the current date and time by pressing the Deactivate button at the bottom of the page also.

If you want to reactivate an inactive skill, press the Activate button at the bottom of the page.


After filling out the form, press the Save button to save skill data into the database.

Modifying and deleting skills

To edit skill data, you have to click on the desired row of the table showing configured skills. After clicking on the row, a new page opens automatically.

To have changes take effect, push the Save button. All conditions, which are described in the previous parts, have to be met. You can freely modify any setting of the skill, but you have to be aware, that the changes will effect all associations for the given skill e.g. changing the name of the skill, will be also reflected in the reports and data associated with the skill, will be displayed under the new name.

You can delete the skill by pressing the Delete button. Deletion of a skill is only enabled if no evaluation form question is associated with the skill. Once a skill is set for a question in an evaluation form, the skill cannot be deleted.