Calibrating evaluations

Process overview

Calibration, a method for building consensus and delivering a standardized evaluation tool, is key to the success of all quality assurance programs. It is designed to ensure that quality assurance results are valid and based on reliable measurement tools. For a quality assurance program to be credible and produce accurate and dependable results, it is essential that all reviewers evaluate transactions on a consistent basis. 

Calibration is a process where all quality assurance reviewers discuss how to score various types of transactions. The quality assurance reviewers meet and review agent transactions.

Every individual scores the same transactions and then scoring differences are identified. The reviewers then discuss the reasons for the differences and reach consensus.

Marking an evaluation for calibration

The Verba Performance and Quality Management system allows the evaluators of a given project to score calls for calibration purposes.  The calibration scores are not shown or used on regular reports and are only displayed in special calibration reports Evaluators just have to select a call for calibration and evaluate the calls. The system stores each evaluation as a separate calibration for each evaluator/supervisor. There is no limitation on the number of calibrations on a given call.  

Please follow the steps below to mark an evaluation for calibration:

Step 1 Search for the call, which is selected for the calibration process. Navigate to the Quality Management / Evaluations menu item and use the search panel on the left to find the desired call. Only calls already selected fro an evaluation project are listed here.

Step 2 Click on the Evaluate call / View scorecard icon. This will load the scoring interface for the call. Calls already evaluated or calls waiting for evaluation are all available for calibration.

Step 3 Once the scoring interface is loaded, click on the Calibration icon on the top right toolbar.

Step 4 Once you press the Calibration button, the system automatically starts a new evaluation process. Just evaluate the call as you would normally do.

Step 5 After finishing the evaluation, press the Save button or the Save scorecard icon on the top toolbar.