Storage Management Service: Verint Missing Agent Associations

Verint Missing Agent Associations Alert


Computer name: <COMPUTER_NAME>
Alert id: <ID>
Time: <TIME> (UTC)
Severity: <SEVERITY>

Missing agent association in the Verint System
Alert attributes:
Description (OID: .200.1): Action required. Employee <employee> is not configured in the Verint system. To be able to use the ingested media on the Verint side please add the employee <employee> to the Verint system and ingest the media again for this agent from Verba to Verint.



This alert is sent when the Verint system cannot assign the sent media to an employee in their system.


This is not an error condition. Verba can successfully send the media. However, the sent media will only be visible with a superuser on the Verint side.

To resolve the issue you should follow the instructions from here to create the missing employee.