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Debug and verbose log levels


The following table lists the supported services and their command line debug options:

Verba service

Binary folder

Command line

Verba Passive Recorder Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\binverbaengine.exe -d
Verba Unified Call Recorder Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\binunifiedrec.exe -d
Verba Import Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\bincdrimport.exe -d
Verba Unified IM Recorder Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\binunifiedimrec.exe -d
Verba Dial-in Recorder Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\binactiverecorder.exe -d
Verba Media Streamer and Content Server Service
c:\Program Files\Verba\binmediastreamer.exe -d
Verba Storage Management Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\binverbastorage.exe -d
Verba Media Utility Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\binwaveform.exe -d
Verba System Monitor Servicec:\Program Files\Verba\binverbasysmon.exe -d
Verba Node Manager Agentc:\Program Files\Verba\binverbaagent.exe -d