Media Collector and Proxy Service: RecorderOverloadBegin

Recorder Overload Begin Alert


Computer name: <COMPUTER_NAME>
Alert id: <ID>
Time: <TIME> (UTC)
Severity: <SEVERITY>

Alert attributes:



This alert is sent by the Proxy Server(s); if the Overload Thresholds limits (number of concurrent calls, CPU load, Network load, etc..) on one the Recorder Server(s) are reached. By default this function is disabled.


If you receive such an alert, consider changing the threshold values, or upgrade the server machine.

If the Overall Threshold limits are reached on one the Recorder Servers, the Proxy will assign the call to a recorder when it's load become normal the Proxy will route the next call to another available Recorder Server with normal load. 

Enabling/Disabling monitoring feature, or changing the given values:

Step 1 - On the web interface go to Administration and choose Configuration Profiles.

Step 2 - Choose and click on each of the Default Media Collector & Proxy Server Configuration Profile from the list

Step 3 - Click on the Change Configuration Settings tab, and search for Media Collector and Proxy.

Step 4 - Under Media Collector and Proxy/Overload Thresholds you can set the threshold values

Step 5 - Click the  icon to save your settings.

Step 6 - The system will notify you that the changes need to applied to the server by restarting the involved services or rereading the new configuration. Execute the required tasks.