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Comment: removed implicit permission request, due to it's not required anymore


Step 2 - In the left menu, select Azure Active Directory, then in the next menu level select App Registrations (Preview).

Step 3 - Click on the New registration button.


Step 7 - Under the Advanced settings section, the Logout URL has to be set. Since Verba is not using this, it can be anything, so just type in the example.

Step 8 - At the Implicit grant setting, tick the checkbox at the Access tokens.Step 9  - Click Save.

Step 109 - Click on the Certificates & secrets menu.

Step 1110 - Under the Client secrets section, click on the New client secret button.

Step 1211 - Provide a description for the client secret, set the expiration, then click on the Add button.

Step 1312 - Once the client secret is created, click on the copy icon next to the secret, and save it for later. It cannot be copied later!


Step 1413 - Click on the API permissions menu.

Step 1514 - Click on the Add permission button.

Step 1615 - In the right panel, select Microsoft Graph, then select Application permissions.

Step 1716 - Select Directory.Read.All, Group.Read.All and User.Read.All, then click on the Add permissions button.