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SQL scripts have to be executed on both the Verba and Verint databases before the migration can be started. The SQL scripts can be executed using the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio which can be downloaded from

Running the SQL scripts on the Verba database

In order to run the SQL scripts on the Verba database, the SQL user requires the ALTER ANY LINKED SERVER permission or the sysadmin role to run these scripts. If you need help granting the permission, follow the article at

The SQL script files can be found on the Verba Media Repository Server under the c:\Program Files\Verba\resources\db\verintmig folder. Execute them in alphabetical order on the Verba database before starting the migration:

1. update-programs-verintmig-aaa-common.sql
2. update-programs-verintmig-aaa-common-inum.sql
3. update-programs-verintmig-bo.sql
4. update-programs-verintmig-fo-cti.sql
5. update-programs-verintmig-fo-cti-15.sql (only from Verba 9.5)
6. update-programs-verintmig-fo-vox.sql
7. update-programs-verintmig-fo-vox-15.sql (only from Verba 9.5)
8. update-programs-verintmig-us.sql (only from Verba 9.5)
9. update-programs-verintmig-zzz-common.sql


This script is located at c:\Program Files\Verba\tomcat\webapps\verba\WEB-INF\verintmig\verintmig-download\verba-verint-centralcontact.sql, or can be downloaded from the Verba UI at the Verint Migration Source Database configuration page.

The script will add a new column to the Archive.dbo.Media table named verba_prio. Before starting the migration, this column has to be populated manually. Storage locations that are more likely to be available should be given a higher number.

Migration tool

The migration tool, available through the Verba user interface, provides the following features: